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Home parts for sale

Revenue €Avaible on request, Cash Flow €Avaible on request, Established 2000

Upcycling parts of homes, flooring, paned windows, and any parts that can be re-used elsewhere is such a beautiful thing. We love to see where things end up, especially in the case of this Malibu home that was crafted from salvaged airplane parts. The remnants of a Boeing 747-200 aircraft were purchased by architect David Hertz and his client for a California home.

With the inspiration drawn from ideal soft curvatures and organic lines, the square footage of a plane wing came to mind. Sitting at 2,500 square feet per wing, the size made for the perfect missing puzzle piece. A sprawling site allowed for multiple plane parts to be scattered around, including spots for a guest house, art studio, barn and meditation pavilion among two main homes.

The home was additionally approved by the FAA in order to not confuse other aircrafts, as it could be confused for the site of a plane crash. See a video tour of the home below.

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